Frequently Asked Questions

What does your agency do?
Agriculture supplies, public health activities, human capacity building, Entrepreneurship and Development Initiative is an organisation created to build a reliable and sustainable young active society Entrepreneurs of both men and and women by providing opportunities for young people to develop their leadership qualities, entrepreneurial skill, national consciousness and fellowship necessary to make the country responsible citizens
Does It cost Money to get trained?
Yes! its value for money
How Long does it take to see result?
Result is based on the willingness to Learn and act accordingly, and it's certain whenever you decide
Are you trying to make Money for me?
Not at all, We're trying to make money with you.
Does It cost Money to get a franchise?
Yes! Because it's a Business and every business starts with a capital, unlike a job, it's cost what you can afford
How many People Can I sell the business to?
As far as coca-cola is still selling coke and have not stop advertising their products since 1892, You also shouldn't stop. there's no limit to how many people you can sell the business to, you keep selling and you keep growing.